Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

1. A contract will be binding between 22 Motors and the customer upon the booking of or arrival of the vehicle on site (whichever is first) for “accident repair, estimate / assessment and/ or car service” or any other repair.

2. If you place an order or make a booking via the phone or internet or in person you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into a contract of sale and you are at least 18 years old and reside in the UK.

3. 22 Motors will provide details of the cost of each car body / paint repair, car service and any mechanical work required before the work is done. All work and costs, including additional work must be approved by the customer before any work is carried out. Any estimate given for such work will be valid for a period of 14 days and is subject to physical inspection of the vehicle and parts prices remaining the same.

4. If the repair cannot be done within the quoted timespan due to circumstances beyond 22 Motors control, an advisor will contact the customer and inform them accordingly – this may sometimes be due to parts not being delivered or available, or the work required may take longer to complete.

5. All work, parts and services are subject to VAT as required by law (except MOTs).

6. Special parts, oils or spark plugs may be required for your vehicle service / repair. These may have an additional charge and a 22 Motors advisor will inform you of the costs on the day of your service.

7. All parts used will adhere to the manufacturers service schedule and warranty and will be of “original equipment” (OE) standard – ensuring all warranties are validated, unless otherwise agreed (verbally or in writing). 22 Motors service schedules may vary; schedules are always readily available for customer’s inspection.

8. Once the car body repair or car service has been finished, payment will be taken straight after either by debit card, credit card or cash. The car will then be available for collection or returned to the customer. Possession of the vehicle will NOT be passed back to the customer until he/she has paid for the cost of the works. If payment is not made, the garage is entitled to charge reasonable storage costs as listed below. All goods / parts fitted to vehicles remain the property of 22 Motors until invoices are paid in full. Vehicles that remain on site for over 72 hours post completion or for any other reason without prior agreement in writing from a Director of 22 Motors Auto Centre shall be liable for storage charges.

Storage charges are as follows:

0-6 months £28.00+vat per day (outside secure CCTV storage) or £35+vat per day (inside secure, CCTV). After 6 months in storage vehicles will be deemed as abandoned and 22 Motors reserve the right to start the process of disposal of the vehicle to recover any unpaid invoices/ charges. While this takes place, the vehicle will be moved to offsite secure storage due to limited space and charged at £50+vat per day. The vehicle owner will be liable for transport costs, administration, engineer's  reports, valuations etc to assist in the disposal on the vehicle. Customer will be liable for any shortfall still outstanding after this process, any additional funds over the outstanding charges will be returned to the customer. For the avoidance of doubt 22 Motors do NOT provide free storage to customers / companies under any circumstances unless agreed in writing in advance by a director of 22 Motors. It is the customers / owners / companies responsibility to ensure vehicles are collected with 72 hours of when work is complete or 22 Motors requests the vehicle is removed from site ( for example due to total loss, customer not proceeding with work, insurance company moving to another garage, customer keeping vehicle salvage, hire / lease cars left on site etc).

9. 22 Motors do not accept any liability for any damage or losses suffered by the Customer from the storage of its vehicle at the garage or at our secure storage site. 22 Motors cannot be held responsible for deterioration of vehicles while in storage such as getting dirty if exposed to the elements, flat batteries, flat tyres, air suspensions dropping, electrical faults developing due to lack of use etc

10. The customer has the right to cancel his / her car body repair, car service or repair at any time, as long as any of the agreed work to date has been paid for up to the point of cancellation. If work has not been started or in relation to insurance work the customer is found to be at fault or a false / fraudulent claim the customer will be liable for recovery, estimating costs and daily storage charges. It will be the customer’s responsibility to collect these costs from their insurance company. All work carried out for customers referred by accident management companies shall be invoiced to the customer and they will remain liable for all charges if not settled by the accident management company.

10a The customer is also responsible to pay for any parts which are ordered at their request (special orders), should they decide not continue with the repair.

11. Collection & Delivery is FREE (subject to us carrying out the repairs), within a specified radius (3 miles), the insurance cover on a 22 Motors Courtesy Car is NOT (unless otherwise agreed in writing by 22 Motors) provided by 22 Motors and should normally be covered on the customers insurance policy. If insurance cover is provided by 22 Motors , in the event of a claim on the insurance, the customer will be liable to pay the amount of £1000 excess (unless otherwise agreed in writing). It is the customers responsibility to ensure all drivers details are correct on courtesy car forms , mis spelt names, non named drivers etc will lead to the driver being uninsured by 22 Motors. Also the customer must adhere to the terms and conditions of the said policy put in place by the 22 Motors. The customer will be responsible for any fuel used, parking fines or driving offences whilst the vehicle is in their custody, should the customer decide not to go ahead with the work after a loan car has been provided 22 Motors reserve the right to make an administration charge for the duration the vehicle is in the customer’s possession, vehicles are loaned to the customer for use inside the UK mainland only, any courtesy vehicle must not be removed from the UK without written consent from a 22 Motors Director. Delivery times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances – 22 Motors team member will always endeavour to contact you accordingly. Courtesy / Loan /Hire Vehicles returned dirty will be subject to a valeting and administration charge. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when collected, if returned with less fuel customers will be subject to a charge of £3.00 per litre charge for fuel short and a £25.00 admin fee.

12. 22 Motors will not be responsible or liable for any unforeseeable losses; losses that were not caused by 22 Motors employees, agents or representatives' negligence or for any business losses. This does not affect any claim that the customer may have for death or personal injury. Nothing in this condition will affect the customer’s statutory rights that the works are performed with due skill and care, that the goods supplied are of satisfactory quality and are fit for their purpose and that the products and services correspond with their description.

13. 22 Motors will not be responsible for any loss of valuable items left by the customer and are not connected to the vehicle or damage to such items. We advise all items are removed from the vehicle prior to coming 22 Motors.

14. 22 Motors will not be liable for any damage or delay in the services provided if the reasons are down to “an act of God”, “industrial action such as strikes”, “government disputes” or factors to be deemed out of control of 22 Motors.

14a Every Care will be taken whilst working on your vehicle to provide you with the highest standards of workmanship, 22 Motors will not be responsible for any extra costs incurred due to breakages, whether that is mechanical or electrical or software related when the damage caused was unavoidable due to natural wear and tear or rust to the vehicle which was present but not always visible prior to the commencement of any work. We will not accept any responsibility for pre existing damage or mechanical faults on vehicles. Mechanical faults due to wear and tear that may occur during our collection and delivery service remain the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

14b During the repair process wheels may be removed from the customers vehicle, these will be torqued to manufacturers settings once refitted. 22 Motors require that all wheels be re torqued after 1 week or in less than 50 miles which ever is sooner. If these post repair checks are not carried out by 22 Motors we cannot accept any responsibility for loose or lost wheel nuts or any damages caused as a result of loose or lost wheel nuts. This is especially important when alloy wheels have been painted or refurbished.

15. Health & Safety laws will apply where applicable when each customer’s vehicle is repaired and / or serviced.

16. 22 Motors will endeavour to resolve all disputes amicably and professionally normally within 28 days. If the dispute should take longer, 22 Motors will notify the customer accordingly.

16A should the customer not be happy with the decision made by the company in any dispute or the process that has been followed in reaching a decision, they have the right to appeal to an independent body, we are members of several professional bodies each one of these organisations provide (alternative dispute resolution). If you require any information or contact details we will only be too happy to provide them these organisations are quite clearly displayed on our website.

17. Payment for all Goods and/or Services, repairs and/or spare parts supplied is due on completion of work unless otherwise stated. The goods and/or Services, repair is completed for the purpose of these terms and conditions when notice has been given that the vehicle is ready for collection. All Goods and/or Services shall remain the absolute and unencumbered property of the Company until such time as the Company has received cleared payment in full from the Customer in respect of such Goods and/or Services. Cheques will not be accepted. Credit Card payments will carry a 2.5% surcharge and PayPal a 4% surcharge.


These terms and conditions are subject to change and updates from time to time. Last updated October 2021