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Trusted by thousands of car owners across UK, 22 Motors is proud of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.

We Offer Services & Repairs at Affordable Rates

No matter how good your car looks, if it is not working at its optimum capacity then it could be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, 22 Motors offer professional, comprehensive diagnostics, servicing and repairs for all makes and models. You can book an appointment online or over the phone from the safety of your home or ask us to arrange a pickup of your vehicle and we take care of rest of everything.

We offer following services at affordable prices.


First step in addressing the problem is to book an appointment with our professional and qualified staff. They would ask you a couple of questions about the problem and can offer you a slot to bring your vehicle for a check up. We have flexible appointments available and can work around your schedule.

Once you bring your vehicle for inspection, our factory trained experienced mechanics take over and using the latest technologies and state of the art equipment. We plug directly into your vehicles ECU and take the reading from the data that is stored there. We determine any potential faults in your vehicle. Vehicle diagnostics is the most important and effective way to know what is wrong with your vehicle and it is the most important step in vehicle repairs. 


Regular servicing of the vehicle helps your vehicle to perform at its optimum. It is important to have your vehicle serviced at the right time and interval as you can avoid unnecessary repairs. Regular servicing also gives your vehicle better fuel economy and longer life. 22 Motors offers comprehensive and thorough servicing for all the manufacturers and models. Our highly trained and experienced mechanics can help you get the maximum out of your vehicle.

We offer two different types of servicing that includes interim service and full service. The interim service includes engine oil flush, initial checks, pre engine checks, and several other checks and so on. Full service is even more detailed and is recommended for those who annually exceeds 10000 plus miles and features multiple checks across the vehicle including the advanced oil system flush. 


Once we run detailed diagnostics on your vehicle, we are in a better position to offer a meaningful advice about the repair works. Our highly qualified mechanics are capable of executing quality repairs for any issues you are experiencing with your vehicle.

There is no need to spend a fortune on the repairs as we ensure that the repair cost is minimum and affordable and we use trusted manufacturers for parts replacements and provide a comprehensive warranty. When your vehicle is in our workshop we not only fix the main issues but we also check for minor problems and fix them as well. 

Why Us?

We have over two decades of experience under our belts and our mechanics and technicians are best in business. We believe in quality when it comes to repairs. You get a full explanation about the repair procedures and you can get the repairs accordingly. We ensure that you do not spend extra when it is not necessary. We can go on about the services but the best way to understand the difference that our services make is to book them for yourself.

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We offer accident repairs, all body shop services, top quality detailing services and wrapping.

Yes we have years of experience in detailing and repairing of exotic and sports cars including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and have a satisfied customer base of such car owners.

Yes, most of the times it is. Especially when it is covered by your insurance. As buying a new car can be costly.

It depends on the type of damage, minor body work can be fixed in a day or two whereas extensive damage can take up to a month.

Under your UK car insurance repair rights, you're not obliged to go with an approved repairer chosen by your insurance provider if you don't want to.

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