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We Offer Paint Protection Film at Affordable Rates

PPF Options & Pricing

Bumper Only - £400

Bumper Only

Due to customers wants and the different shapes of some vehicles, we can offer just single parts. Front bumper is our most popular single part.

Standard Front End - £700

The most cost-effective package we offer is the partial front end. As identified with the image, this covers full front bumper, Wing Mirrors, part wings and part bonnet only

Bumper & Bonnet - £1000

Some of our customers are more than happy with no lines and for that reason opt for full bonnet & bonnet coverage only. For some vehicles is this the ideal coverage.

Full Front End - £1500

This package offers amazing protection for daily or weekend used vehicles. This package covers full front bumper, full front wings, full bonnet & wing mirrors or headlights.

Full Front End Extended - £1800

Offering outstanding protection for all the main areas of the vehicles we see defects. Covering full front end, Sills (rockers), a pillar and forward edge of the roof as well as lower rear bumper sections.

Full Vehicle from - £2000

This package is ideal for anyone really wanting piece of mind protection for there vehicle. This covers every aspect of the vehicle.

If you own a high-value vehicle in top condition then it is only normal to care about the way your vehicle looks. A spotless paint job can tell a lot about the owner of the vehicle and their taste in aesthetics. It’s not an easy task to keep your prized vehicle away from stones flying on the roads and scratches when driven at speed. A popular way to keep this problem at bay is to cover your vehicle with a protective film that could protect the paintwork of the vehicle. 

Protect Your Investment with Paint Protection Film (PPF)

22 Motors are committed to protecting your vehicle to a standard which is currently unparalleled by any other paint protection film installation company. Paint protection films are clear polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by improper washing, stone chips, bird/bug droppings, and other environmental factors.

Our installations are not only completed to the highest accuracy via in-house designed patterns through our software, but we can also make custom one-off parts if required to do so on bespoke parts of the vehicle. Our highly precise patterns working hand in hand with our full-time installers provide the ultimate finish and we are not only proud but also confident in stating we are the UK's leaders in PPF installations.

Our PPF installers go through a strict training program developed in-house after visiting various other training courses which we found were not comprehensive enough. Our in-house training begins with a three-month program which is followed by a one-week long examination. If the installer passes, then they go onto level two training. We have four levels of installer which can take years to reach. Our eye for detail as well as having a constant quest for raising the bar in standards has helped us be where we are today.

“The biggest difference between us and the competition is that we apply the PPF in a way in which it is invisible as possible. It is not difficult to apply Paint Protection Film. However, to achieve the 22 Motors finish is not so easy at all. The ethos behind our system is that to have the strength and flexibility of PPF but also maintain the flawless shine that 22 Motors has always been known for and this is the most difficult part!” –

Sam Chapman MD

The self-healing characteristics of the film also provide easy maintenance of your supercar. Where on normal paintwork it is very easy to pick up scratches or swirl marks, however a vehicle protected with our PPF will only require a bucket of hot water to be poured over it to activate the self-healing process of the film.

What is Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is the premium long-lasting solution to keep the paintwork of your prized vehicle spotless. It is an invisible or transparent film with self-healing properties that is applied to the car bodywork to protect it from scratches and small dents.

PPF, short for Paint Protection Film, is a transparent or coloured elastomeric polyurethane film that is virtually invisible and when applied to a vehicle’s paintwork. PPF protects the cars paintwork against stone chips, stains, light scratches, or swirls caused by road debris, bird droppings, inappropriate wash processes and other harmful environmental elements.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film provides many benefits of which is to keep you at ease about the expensive paintwork of your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of paint protection film.

Protection Properties

The Xpel paint protection film is extremely helpful in protecting the paintwork of your vehicle from the flying gravel, salt grit or any other elements that the outdoor driving and weather throw at your vehicle.

Invisible and Shine

Paint protection film provides excellent shine to the vehicle and is invisible which means the original colour remains the same but with added shine.

Easy to Clean

This Xpel film is specially made with years of research and development and is super easy to clean and washable. Once you get it on, you can forget about it and can use your vehicle as you would normally.

Self Healing

One of the most brilliant qualities of this Xpel paint protection film is that it is self-healing. So even if there is stone damage to it. It would self-heal by using heat and would return your vehicle back to its original form.

Perfect Installation

Now a day, advancements in production have made it possible for the paint protection film to embrace every crease and curve of the vehicle that you would not be able to tell if the film is even applied.

22 Motors, Xpel & Suntek Approved Installer

There is no point in applying the paint protection film to your pride and joy if you are not getting it done with perfection. You must get the best paint protection film available in the market and then get it done by someone who is an approved installer to gain maximum effects. 

22 Motors is your best choice when it comes to applying the paint protection film to your vehicle. We only use the highest quality Xpel paint protection film to grace your vehicle. You can maintain the integrity of your vehicle for years to come. However, due to its advanced qualities, it is not easy to install this product perfectly without due training and appropriate tools. Our technicians gain useful insight when they undergo in initial 3 months training along with a one week assessment where they take part in oral presentations, hands-on demonstrations and personalized sessions to ensure maximum standards. We use state-of-the-art tools specially manufactured to bring absolute perfection to the installation process.

You can call to book an appointment where we can provide you with an initial quote and see the difference that our premium paint protection film and well-trained technicians can make. 

What is PPF

PPF, short for Paint Protection Film, is a transparent or coloured elastomeric polyurethane film that is virtually invisible and when applied to a vehicle’s paintwork. PPF protects the cars paintwork against stone chips, stains, light scratches, or swirls caused by road debris, bug droppings, inappropriate wash processes and other harmful environmental elements.
Key features and benefits of XPEL PPF include:

  •     Self-Healing Topcoat; PPF will self-heal from fine scratches and swirl marks when exposed to natural sunlight or when a vehicle is parked in a heated garage 
  •     Near Invisible; Once applied, the film is virtually indistinguishable from factory paintwork
  •     Stain Resistance; Neither road grime, ‘bird droppings, ‘bugs nor air pollution will stain or yellow the film ‘not exposed to corrosives for hours/days
  •     Added Impact Protection; Increased paint protection against road damage, such as stone chips and debris
  •     Preserve Original Paint; Excellent resistance to scuffs, such as carpark damage & often the paintwork can remain intact after peeling off the damaged film

Prior to the installation of XPEL Paint Protection Film at Valiant Detailing, all vehicles are meticulously washed & decontaminated. Additional steps include our methodical machine polishing process and secondary safe-wash stage to ensure vehicles are free from contaminants in preparation for fitment of film. Find out more about our initial Detailing & PPF Preparation Process

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