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It requires a serious amount of investment to own and maintain a boat and it’s only natural for you to form a bond with your pride and joy. Boats encounter harsh conditions above and below the waterline and require protection in order to perform at their peak. Paint protection above and below the water is one of the major requirement for performance and reliability of your boat and there is no other way that provide protection to your boat paint other than marine ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating and why it’s Better

Ceramic coating is relatively new technology and it’s taking over the whole marine protection and detailing industry. Industry grade ceramic coating that is also known as nano coatings, quartz coatings or silica coatings is applied as a thin protective layer that sits above the clear coat of your boat. The dominant component is silicon dioxide and thickness varies for each layer. Regardless of its thickness, the ceramic coating provides unbelievable shine and protection for almost a year. It provides following benefits as well.  

Superb Glossy Shine

If you are looking to add some shine to the paint of your boat that would last for a long time and withstand the harsh and extreme hazards from the ocean then marine ceramic coating is what you need.

Protection that Lasts

Marine ceramic coating protects your boat for the longest period compared to other marine protection materials. You can rely on it even in the most extreme conditions as well. 

Protection for Every Surface

Not only ceramic coating provides an excellent shine but it protects every single surface of your boat and is extremely adaptable functional product out in the market.

Protection both Under and Over the Water

Marine ceramic coatings can protect the boat from the UV rays above the water and protect the underside of the boat from mould, algae and so on.

22 Motors ensure that we only use highest grade marine ceramic coatings and have experienced and highly trained experts who use most updated tools and tried and tested methods to get the best results. We recommend that you book an appointment for free quotation and leave the rest on the professionals.

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