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Trusted by thousands of car owners across UK, 22 Motors is proud of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.

We Offer Detailing at Affordable Rates

When you bring your vehicle for detailing to our state of the art facility, we don’t just commit to an immaculate cleanup of your vehicle, but we also promise light cosmetic paint restoration and high tech protective coatings to ensure that your pride and joy is looking spick and span for your important day.

22 Motors uses cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to make car detailing a special occasion that focuses on rejuvenating your ride and bringing it as close to perfection as it was when taken out of the showroom.

Our highly trained technicians have the expert eye to detect and remove every visible and invisible blemish or scratch and make your car look brand new.
Our experts possess years of experience that helps them tailor the services to our clients' requirements. Our charges are most economical and reflect the best standards that we commit to for the value of your money.


The colour of your vehicle and the state that it is in reflect a lot about your personality. Whether it is the new vehicle that requires tweaking or the current colour. If you would like to enhance the texture and shine of the colour of your vehicle, If it has gone through some tough seasons, it may require enhancement and touch-ups. 22 Motors has trained and capable experts who are supported by a studio that is purpose built and hermetically sealed to enhance the colour to its maximum without getting affected by any other element. We offer many services for the enhancement, including pre-foam and full exterior wash, removing paint contaminants, tapping up trims and rubbers, machine polish, and alcohol wipe down. Whatever vehicle you have that needs to be improved, we treat it as if it were our own and give it the complete and undivided attention it deserves at a reasonable price.


The business of detailing is all good if you are looking to make your car look special for the occasion. However, if you would like to keep your car gleaming for a foreseeable time, then it might be a good idea to get it protected. 22 Motors provides various solutions to protect the shine and cleanliness of detailing, including the protective film for the exterior of your car and several polishing and protective layering products that form a protective layer above the surface to keep it safe from the external elements.

We offer ceramic coating that keeps the exterior paint well protected for a long period of time. We use a twin grit guard bucket system to protect it from stones and sharp edged particles. We use specially designed horse hair brushes to keep the scratches away. We hand dried the vehicle using deep pile microfiber towels.


There is no point in getting your vehicle detailed if it is not long lasting. Of course, the way you park and look after your vehicle after the detailing makes a huge difference. However, we can also help you in many ways to keep your car clean and gleaming with many specialist products and procedures.
We apply those products during the cleansing and after the cleansing procedures so your vehicle can retain the shine and the hue for a long time. We use high grade carnauba wax that ensures a durable level of protection. The interior is cleaned and then protected with aerospace grade products.

Coatings - Ceramic Pro

There is no denying that the gleaming exterior of the vehicle can turn many heads, and the gloss above the paintjob can make the vehicle look more attractive.

22 Motors offers effective solutions such as ceramic coatings for paint protection. We apply an industry grade ceramic coating that is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. It blends with your vehicle’s paint and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. It allows the factory paint job to remain untouched and protects the paint from stone chips, scratches, and external elements. Depending on the type of coating and the type of polymer used, we can provide years of warranty of protection from dirt, grime, and stain marks.

Interior Protection

There are established methods to protect the exterior of your vehicle by applying paint protection film, vax, or ceramic coatings. However, it's a different story when it comes to the interior. There are many surfaces and different materials that require polishing and protection with different related products.
You get leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabric to take care of, and every material has its own polishing and a protection layer that protects it from stains, damaging UV rays, rips, tears, and burns.

We apply military grade equipment and the most advanced products that keep the leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabric looking brand new for a long time and help those materials smell fresh for longer.

We apply products that protect leather from stains and make the fabric waterproof. Our products form an abrasion resistant matt finish which offers unrivalled protection from dye transfer, UV and discolouration.


High-quality products that we apply for the glossy finish and to protect your vehicle from the external elements come at a price. If you want to keep your vehicle looking great for a longer period of time, you can't ignore them.

22 Motors provides great services to keep your vehicle looking great. Once you have your detailed, ceramic coated, vexed, or protected with PPF, our recommendation is to gets regular hand washing to keep your vehicle looking at its best. When you bring your vehicle back to us after once you had it protected by our products, we pre wash it with foam. Clean the wheels with fallout remover. Wash the vehicle with using 2 bucket method. Remove the tar and iron containment. Dry the vehicle with deep fibre cloth. Top up the paint with Gtechniq C2. Recoat the plastic trim with Gtechniq C4 and polish the glass and apply the dash board and leather protection. All in all, we provide complete care and protection as soon as you drive your vehicle in to our facility.

We can rave on about our unique and amazing services and our state of the art facility but we believe that the only way you get to know the difference that our services make is by using those services yourself.

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We offer accident repairs, all body shop services, top quality detailing services and wrapping.

Yes we have years of experience in detailing and repairing of exotic and sports cars including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and have a satisfied customer base of such car owners.

Yes, most of the times it is. Especially when it is covered by your insurance. As buying a new car can be costly.

It depends on the type of damage, minor body work can be fixed in a day or two whereas extensive damage can take up to a month.

Under your UK car insurance repair rights, you're not obliged to go with an approved repairer chosen by your insurance provider if you don't want to.